Modern wood-aluminum system Duoline is an innovative product which offers perfect durability and elegant aesthetics.
The DUOLINE system not only meets the stringent requirements for energy-efficient and passive constructions, but it is also a response to contemporary expectations of customers in terms of modern woodwork.
Outer aluminium cover Mira contour, which is weatherproof and suitable in terms of connecting system, enhances stability and improves windows’ static parameters as well as energy efficiency and sound insulation.
The new, wood-aluminum system has classic, sharp shape of aluminum edges, typical for modern constructions and in line with the latest trends in architecture. The possibility to select pine or mahogany profile and a thickness of 68mm, 78mm or 88mm offers excellent opportunities to create different technical solutions. In standard offer Duoline window is fitted with a one-chamber glazing 4/16/4 with warm frame. However, there’s also a possibility of customization to build a window equipped with up to four glass in one package to ensure even better thermal protection and guarantee a barrier against intrusion, noise or excessive sunlight.
The system offers a multiple choice in terms of shapes of the window (from rectangles, trapezoids by, arcs, circles, and other custom shapes) and their colour’ arrangement. Inner part of the window can be made of pine or mahogany and painted with opaque (RAL colours) or transparent colours. The outer part of the window in the form of aluminum covers can be painted with one RAL colour


  1. Wooden profile made of pine or meranti available in three dimensions: 68mm, 78mm and 88mm. Frame and sash made of three – or four- layer glued wood ( depending on the type of wooden profile) + outer aluminum cover – impregnation in a separate process with waterborne coated- or transparent- paint; powder coating for aluminium
  2. Standard offer consists of two thermoplastic seals
  3. The shape of aluminium covers increases rigidity of the profiles and ensures attractive design; in combination with wood it guarantees better thermal insulation in all weather conditions. System equipped with aluminium covers Mira Contour
  4. Standard offer consists of singl glazing package 4/16/4; however it’s also possible to order a triple-glazing package


  • Great energy efficiency at the level of 0.79 W/(m2*K)*
  • Elegance and modernity, thanks to high quality wood and aluminum profiles
  • High level of safety thanks to stability of aluminum profile and high quality of Maco fittings
  • Durability thanks to solid wood and aluminum construction
  • Multiple choice in terms colors range of aluminum and wood
  • High quality ensured by the best components and selected wood
  • Great sound proofing


Colours of aluminium surface
(180 colors according to RAL)




Colours of wooden surfaces
A wide range of colors (RAL colours, and paints with a visible wood structure) allows to meet the individual requirements of even the most demanding customers. All coatings are environmentally friendly.



Duoline window system is equipped with a single-chamber glass unit. Standard glazing consists of float glass 4 mm thick, the spacer having a width of 16 mm and a thermofloat glass 4 mm thick, while the space between the panes is filled with argon to achieve a lower heat transfer coefficient.

Standard glazing package consists of 4 mm float glass, 16 mm spacer and 4 mm termofloat glass whereas the space between glasses is filled with gas- argon, which helps to achieve appropriate thermal insulation value. Standard glazing package increased heat infiltration properties and its thermal insulation value amounts for U=1,0 according to norm EN-674. Moreover, DRUTEX S.A. creates the possibility to choose an appropriate glazing package fully individually, in such a way that it poses even much better protection against burglary, noise as well as excessive insulation.


The system is equipped with modern Maco Multi Matic KS fittings distinguished by an advanced security system associated with the setting of the cateches impeding the intrusion around the whole perimeter of the window.

MACO fittings provide stability and a high level of safety as well as the above-average functionality. In standard offer the fittings are equipped with a micro-ventilation and mishandling lock and lift the wings, which ensures that with not much strength the sash is lifted into position, and even heavy sash closes slightly.