PVC windows with PVC profile GL SYSTEM is a five-chamber system with 70 mm wide with the outer seal.
Profile GL SYSTEM is a system designed to satisfy customer requests. Associated with a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation Uw = 0.89 W / (m2K), and reliable functionality of PVC windows makes this profile is synonymous with modern technology and elegance. Profile GL SYSTEM enables implementation (execution) and the proper functioning of windows with different shapes. PVC windows IGLO5 Classic with the system GL SYSTEM makes it possible to offer customers windows that meet all functional requirements while delivering the best in aesthetics.



  1. Five-chamber profile design and building depth 70 mm PVC windows ensures perfect thermal and acoustic protection.
  2. The specific shape and location of EPDM seals in special ducts and grooves ensures optimal insulation and long-term use.
  3. Fittings MACO MULTI MATIC KS, the most advanced on the market with two safety pins burglar I.Š. (Intelligent Sicherheit – intelligent security)
    The protective layer Silber-Look and linear depressions on gear and hidden hinges fitting in the groove of the full aesthetic.
    You can select a solution with a diverse class of burglary resistance RC 2N.
  4. Modern design with the latest trends in the market window.
  5. The possibility of using a wide range of glass compositions.
  6. Invisible seal for the glass.
  7. A large central chamber ensures suitable static.
  8. Flat inner surface of the frame facilitates correct installation of PVC windows.


  • 5-chambers  profile construction ensures high thermal insulation parameters and perfect stability. Thanks to the chambers inside the profile, seals and thermally insulating or equals is possible to significantly reduce the loss of heat energy and reduce heating costs.
  • Aesthetic and invisible seals in the glass.
  • The possibility of using a wide range of songs glass with dimensions to 36 mm.
  • 13 mm long axis forging grooves move from the edge of the frame allows the use of wider frame closures, thereby increasing resistance to burglary.
  • The specific shape and installation of EPDM seals in special grooves ensures optimal insulation and long-term use.
  • Steel reinforcement in the frame and wing cause greater rigidity, which is very important in large structures.
  • Wide range of colors available in the range of 33 Renolit film.
  • Perfect thermal insulation properties.

PVC colours




Each window IGLO5 is in standard version equipped with double-glazed unicameral.

The standard composition of glass form a glass float with a thickness of 4 mm, a spacer frame with a width of 16 mm and a glass-type termofloat with a soft surface layer of a thickness of 4 mm. The space between the panes is filled with gas argon, to obtain the lowest heat transfer coefficient.

Standard construction glass has raised insulating properties of heat transfer coefficient:
Ug = 1.0 W / (m2K) research method according to PN-EN 674
Ug = 1.1 W / (m2K) according to the method of calculating the PN-EN 673

Moreover, there is full possibility to individually choose another, appropriate mix of glass, which will provide more excellent protection against burglary, noise or excessive sunlight. The company offers various glass compositions for glass float, stopsol, reflektofloat, ornament, security and burglary.


IGLO windows are equipped with the most modern fittings market, MACO MULTI MATIC KS, which guarantees the highest degree of safety, thanks to the display of pins around the perimeter of the window to prevent burglary and thanks to ideal stability resulting from the use of the finest materials. Use new hardware provides protection against burglary at a critical point in the windows and the tilting position. Innovative hardware also affects a better operation of the window, through the use stepless height of the lift on the wings. The lift is not regulated teeth, due to the fact they are not already over and the whole system works smoothly.

MACO fittings Mutlu MATIC KS is a whole new dimension of protection in the windows!

According to the type of hardware we can be divided windows:
The windows feature (folding) – windows with wrought iron, which offers the possibility of tilting windows to customer requests allows retrofitting door security kit box.
Windows function R (openable) – in addition to its standard features facilitates opening and closing and completely because of the type of the lift provides greater comfort of use. Fittings in the standard version has a safety lock security kit plus a full cycling at three levels, thus enabling the correct setting on the wings. Setting the hinge allows to adjust downforce the sash to the window frame.
Windows function RU (hinged – hinged) – hinged – hinged have the latest so-called solution. microventilation, which operates the windows leak (10-13 mm) and because it allows for faster air exchange. They also have an elevator wing that facilitates fully closed wings. The window handles are secured against rotation incorrect handling and thus against improper lock-off wing of hardware. Thereby affecting comfort windows. They are also equipped with one safety lock against forced opening windows slightly open. Setting the hinge allows to adjust downforce the sash to the window frame.