Aluminium window rollers


DRUTEX offers a system of adaptive aluminum shutters dedicated for use when the window has not been assembled yet. The aluminum external roller shutters was created to ensure the safety of our customers. In each of the systems, the shutter is rolled into the aluminum box placed on a wall or window frame. The box is then a decorative element of the building. The adaptive system offers three types of boxes: SK 45 (shutter45 degrees), half-rounded SP (concealed shutter) and SKO round (oval type shutter).
In order to meet the growing expectations of the customers’ towards the architectural, modern and functional solutions DRUTEX offers a reliable system when it comes to any technological issues. Intelligent construction of the shutter is combined with elegant and modern box and aluminum guide.

The armour of the shutter built of aluminium profiles filled with the polyurethane guaranteed even better thermal insulation. Shutters can be installed on the existing windows, or even while the building is being constructed by placing insulated box in the header of the window opening.

Similarly to PVC shutters DRUTEX offers several solutions to improve the comfort and closing and opening of the shutters, i.e.: manually by using a belt or crank and automatically with the pilot or switches.

The types

roleta_sk-45The roller 45°
available in the dimensions: 137, 165 and 180mm. The roller has a special cut-off_ of the box, which removes the right angle. There is a wide range of RAL colours.

roleta_spThe under-plaster roller (SP)
with aluminium, square box available in sizes: 137, 165 or 180 mm. Thanks to the opening bar at the bottom of the box, the roller can be assembled in few ways. Besides
the standard solutions there’s a possibility to place it from the front of the box. The rollers are offered in RAL colours.

roleta_skoOval roller
the oval shape fits perfectly to the gentle elements of the construction, whereas the aluminium armour matches the RAL colours of the box. It is available in the dimensions: 142×147; 170×175; 185x190mm.


  • Excellent protection against sun, wind, rain, snow and other extreme weather conditions
  • Very good thermal insulation protection of the building, which in the summer prevents excessive sun, and in the winter guarantees energy savings
  • Increased acoustic insulation, noticeably reducing the noise level
  • Easy access to the interior of the shutter which makes it easy to maintain cleanling and maintenance. The revision  cover from the bottom ensures comfort


kolory_lameli_rolet01 silver

02 white

03 grey

05 beige

08 dark brown/deep brown

09 brown

23 anthracite

24 golden oak

28 nut

* The colors presented may differ from the real status.