The modern, original Iglo Light system stands out for modern design, big glazing surface and great parameters in energy efficiency, water tightness, resistance to wind load and air permeability. The system structure, made of the original five-chamber, A-class ,PVC profiles, produced exclusively of prime material is characterized by rounded shape and harmonious appearance. The elegant design of Iglo Light is also expressed in the central aluminum handle placed on the movable post that is more narrow than the traditional one, just 112mm wide. This solution allows to obtain bigger glass surface comparing to standard window systems, which guarantees more daylight in the room. The innovative feature of the new product is the method of framing and structure of steel reinforcement that improves the window resistance and stability. Although the sash is 8mm lower than a traditional Iglo 5 sash, the reinforcement chamber was decreased by just 3mm. The window is available in 33 Renolit foil colors which allows any interior design and helps match the window to the façade.


  1. The original five-chamber frame and sash profile made exclusively of prime material in A-class, of frame and sash installation depth of 70 mm with 32% more narrow movable post with symmetrically placed aluminum handle
  2. Glazing thickness up to 36 mm
    As a standard, one-chamber glass package of thermal transmittance coefficient Ug=1,0 W/(m2K) according to PN-EN674.
  3. As a standard steel galvanized frame, optionally swisspacer ultimate is available in various color options
  4. MACO MULTI MATIC KS fittings with two anti-theft hooks as a standard Silber-Look coating and line-shaped depressions on the casement bolts and hinges hidden in the fitting notch; especially designed Maco handle drive gear; window equipped with a block against handle misplacement and a wing lift; micro-ventilation in a slot
  5. The window is equipped with a system of double sealing: external, internal made of EPDM, available in black, grey and graphite colors.
  6. A big reinforcement chamber comparing to this kind of systems on the market – steel reinforcement of 35mm x 24mm x 2 mm. As a standard, frame and sash reinforcement – made of steel in C-beam shape.
    The possibility to apply full frame reinforcement. In the full reinforcement, anti-theft hooks are screwed to the steel.


  • Elegant design expressed in the slender, narrow and rounded lines of the original Drutex profile and the central aluminum handle placed on the movable post that is more narrow than the traditional ones.
  • A lot of daylight, as a result of the more narrow profiles and bigger glazing surface comparing to standard systems
  • Wide range of 33 foil colors, which allows any interior design
  • High safety level ensured by the high-quality five-chamber profiles in A class, made exclusively of prime material.
  • Window resistance and stability thanks to the big original steel reinforcement chamber and modern fittings with two anti-theft hooks.
  • High functionality thanks to the modern fittings and so called handle drive gear that enables its central position on the sash assembly – the movable post.
  • Great energy efficiency thanks to the optimum profile structure and EPDM seal, and the galvanized steel thermal frames or optionally the innovative
  • Swisspacer Ultimate that guarantee energy savings even up to 12%* and low-emission glass packages.

PVC colours